Fitness equipment sees use in many different location types, including gyms, hospitals, schools, offices, and homes. There are many different types of fitness machines, such as ellipticals, treadmills, weight machines, stair machines, stationary bikes, and many others. Each of these machines contains a multitude of complex plastic and metal parts and components that allow it to function. Fitness equipment OEMs often must employ a variety of contract manufacturers to gain access to the various parts and components they need to assemble their fitness products.

At Pilgrim Harp, we work closely with exercise equipment manufacturers and suppliers to provide high-quality parts and components for fitness machines and other gym and exercise solutions. 


Our Fitness Manufacturing Services

Fabricating fitness components often requires many different processes to get the job done right. At Pilgrim Harp, we can provide a wide range of manufacturing services through our global network of factory partners, allowing fitness OEMs and suppliers to source all of their necessary parts in one place. We provide the following manufacturing capabilities for the fitness sector:

  • CNC machined brass and aluminum components
  • Stamped healthcare and fitness components
  • Forgings from aluminum alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, bronze, and more
  • Investment castings and permanent mold castings
  • Injection-molded fitness components and multi-component assemblies
  • Assembly of total machines


We can also provide a wide range of secondary, testing, and finishing services, including:

  • Anodizing
  • Assembly
  • Bead blasting
  • Chem film
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Grinding
  • Heat treating
  • Machining
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Painting
  • Plating

Our Capabilities for the Fitness Industry

We have significant experience in the fitness industry, and our expert personnel and strong industry connections make us an ideal partner for medium and large fitness OEMs and suppliers. We can provide all types of fitness parts and assemblies, including retail-ready packaging. We can handle medium-to-high production volumes, with lead times varying by factory location and specific project details. Unfortunately, we do not work with small volumes at this time. 

At Pilgrim Harp, our name is synonymous with quality. We use AF 9120 quality management systems, and our partners have state-of-the-art quality lines in their factories. We adhere to ISO 9001:2015, AS9100:2016, and automotive industry standards for quality assurance.


About Pilgrim Harp

At Pilgrim Harp, we will manage your entire fitness project from start-to-finish, allowing your fitness business to focus on core competencies such as sales, marketing, and revenue generation. We will help you manufacture your fitness equipment at competitive costs, with excellent final quality and reliable delivery. If you need assistance sourcing low-cost, high-quality assemblies and components for your fitness solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.