PH can help with dual sources of supply or developing a supply base closer to home.  Contact us to discuss our capabilities in North America if your goal is to dual source or ‘Near Shore’ in North America.

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Pilgrim Harp provides end-to-end product sourcing solutions to a global customer base. For companies looking to reshore or nearshore their production operations, we partner with numerous manufacturers across North America. We also partner with factories around the world, so we can help international customers in many countries with sourcing goods closer to their home operation. We can source providers and fully manage your manufacturing project domestically, domestic-to-international, or international-to-international based on your operational goals and needs.


What is Reshoring?

The term “reshoring” refers to the process of returnzing manufacturing operations to a company’s home country. It may also refer to a shift toward sourcing domestic suppliers instead of using international suppliers. Reshoring is increasing in popularity as a means to build resilience into a company’s supply chain by shortening the distance between production and market.


About Pilgrim Harp

At Pilgrim Harp, we source providers and manage end-to-end production on behalf of our clients. We work with a vetted network of skilled and trusted manufacturers in North America and around the world, allowing us to help our customers build all types of production models. To see how we can help with your project, please contact us to learn more today.