Fiber optic technology is essential for reliable high-speed data transfer over long distances. Optical fibers are made from incredibly pure glass that’s so small it is measured at the micron level. Fiber optic technology bundles hundreds of fibers together inside protective tubing, then transmits light signals through the glass fibers. The purity of the glass material is an essential component for properly manufacturing fiber optics since glass impurities will result in signal degradation. 


How Fiber Optics Work

Data transmitted through fiber optics uses light particles known as photons, which pulse through the optical fibers in the cable to transmit data. The fiber optic cable consists of a glass fiber core with a high refractive index, as well as a cladding material with a low refractive index. Together, these components work to transmit light signals down the length of the cable at about 70% of the speed of light by bouncing the photons between the core and cladding. This transmission process is known as total internal reflection.

For long cable runs, signals get boosted by repeaters at specified intervals. These repeaters convert the light signal into an electrical signal, then convert it back into a full-powered light signal that continues its journey down the cable toward its destination.


Our Capabilities in the Fiber Optics Industry

Pilgrim Harp has extensive experience in fiber optic production. We leverage our expert personnel and vetted industry connections to develop small and miniature parts within very close tolerances for fiber optic cabling. Our teams have worked closely with a broad range of public and private entities to produce fiber optic solutions, so we are very familiar with the end-to-end production processes for this industry.

We can provide medium-to-high volume production volumes, with exact quantities varying by application. Our lead times for fiber optic solutions may also vary depending on the location of the factory and the details of the final product, but we typically adhere to industry standard lead times. 

Pilgrim Harp always operates in accordance with a stringent internal commitment to quality. To this end, we adhere to a variety of industry standards, such as:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS certified
  • AF 9120 quality management system
  • Automotive certifications at relevant factories


About Pilgrim Harp

Pilgrim Harp provides one-stop manufacturing services for customers in an expansive range of industries. We manage your product from sourcing through delivery, freeing up your team to focus on the core competencies of your business. Our vetted network of international factories allows us to serve virtually any product or industry. To see how we can help with your next project, please contact us today.